Sunday, 5 April 2009

Painting With Sharon Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton was a delight to meet and work with and we had a wonderful time with her. The workshop wasn't rushed and each stage was explained in great detail so that everybody knew what was being taught. It was challenging but we learned something with the technique and everyone's pieces were lovely when finished.

We felt comfortable with the pace of teaching. All surfaces were prepared and basecoated before the workshop and so, the whole workshop was centred around the actual painting of the piece. The paints were ready mix to save us time and also so that we could concentrate on the actual painting. Sharon had produced a template for us to explain the depth of the colours so we all would know exactly which colour to use for each leaf and flower.

The seminar wouldn't have been complete without the holiday atmosphere in the room. There was a raffle with lots of prizes, an Easter Tree and goody bag for each participant so everybody felt welcome! A fun time was had by all and we look forward to the next time Sharon can grace our club!!

Follow this link if you would like to see photos of the day.

Participants that have photos they would like to share of the seminar can send them to a member on the committee and they will be added to the club's scrapbook. Our biggest gratitude goes out to everyone who helped out and took the time to attend Sharon Hamilton’s seminar. Especially for those individuals that travelled great distances to Stockbridge . -Thank You

Written by- Ann Robinson