Tuesday, 29 April 2008

July 23rd- 24th Sandy Barnes

Sandy Barnes- Clematis Seminar
Stocksbridge, Smithy Moore community Centre
July 23rd - 24th 2008
10:00- 4:00

Sandy Barnes teaches painting at her studio, Walnut Tree Workshop.

She has published a book and articles for national art and crafts magazines.

Sandy specialises in realistic floral and decorative backgrounds. The inspiration for her floral painting come right on the doorstep, her garden. Her decorative backgrounds brings interesting effect, texture and life to her work.

The seminar will be a great opportunity to paint the exquisite clematis on a multi-coloured sponged background. The project for this seminar will be a revisit from her book Decorative Painting: Flowers and Finishes. Sandy is generous in sharing her decorative painting knowledge and gives step by step demonstration and instructions to help everyone complete their own beautiful painted piece.

Places are limited
contact: jackieburgin@tiscali.co.uk

Friday, 18 April 2008

April 28th March Lesson of the WVA Vanity Painting

The process of creating a work of art is like a journey. It can take you to places that you have never been before or even take you back to places you have already been.

March Lesson
Willem Van Aelts, Vanity Painting
Monday, April 28th

9:45 - 3:00

Smithy Moor Community Centre, Stocksbridge

Sunday, 13 April 2008

April 14th- Vanity Painting Session

Some members of our South and West Yorkshire Group has joined the Traditions Artist List to paint the Willem Van Aelst (WVA) Vanity Painting that David Jansen MDA is teaching for free for participants of the Yahoo group.

Gabriele Hunter H.A. had kindly given those interested, the opportunity play catch up at Bolsterstone Village Hall, South Yorkshire on April the 2nd.

I would like to share the web album of the participants on that day.

Click here to see photos.

Our next Vanity Painting get together will be on Monday, April 14th 10:00 - 3:00 This will be held at the usual Stocksbridge, Smithy Moore Comunity centre. Future dates will be posted soon!

We have just started on our journey so t is not too late to get caught up with the lessons and you are very more that welcome to come along to paint with a great group of girls.

Our usual Monday painting days is running along side of the WVA Vanity painting. To take part in the WVA lessons, you need to be a member of the Traditions Artist list.


Enjoy the Photos!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Fruit for Thought

April 21st - Bronzed Fruit
9:45– 4:00
Smithy Moor Community Centre, Stocksbridge

Jackie Burgin has done such a lovely job painting the piece we were keen for her to teach it to us at the Monday Group.
On April 21st, Jackie Burgin will be teaching us a design by Lynne Deptula. This lovely plate of multi fruit includes an apple, pear, plums, a variety of berries and foliage. £15 for the day includes surface. Bring a packed lunch.
"I really enjoyed painting the fruit plate, once I had basecoated the plate and placed on the pattern, I couldn't wait to get on with it.
So on go the leaves, room for artistic licence with these, I find I just always have to go my own way with leaves. then I basecoat the apple and the pear, build up the colour, shade and highlight. the plums are the same technique. Then on with the pink berries gooseberries and blue raspberries. when all fruits and leaves are on, we then bronze the fruit and the leaves and it just lifts it all.
The scrolling on the centre of the plate is a lovely finishing touch to the fruit plate.
look forward to painting it again with friends."
Best regards Jackie

*Contact Jackie Burgin to let her know if you will be attending

e-mail: jackieburgin@tiscal.co.uk