Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Open- Vanity Painting

In Early January, David Jansen, MDA started offering a painting class on-line at the Traditions Artist Yahoo Group. David will be teaching each month this painting and historical lesson of a Dutch Master, Willem Van Aelst. This is free to participants of the Traditions Artist List. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

The link to Traditions Artist List is -

S&W Yorkshire Group would like to invite you to join us as the club embarks on this wonderful journey.

Gabriele Hunter, has offered a one day workshop instructing the first three lessons with us. This will get us started and up to date with the other participants. The club will be getting together on a regular basis to paint until the lessons are complete . This would be a great support network and learning curve for us.

The first three lessons will take place

April 2nd
Bolsterstone Village Hall
S36 3ZB

Cost: £5.00
To go to charity after room rental
charity - Sheffield Young Carers.

For April 2nd prep instructions and further information contact Kim

Monday, 10 March 2008

The Fun We Had- March 8th

Photos from the Charity Fun Day!

Charity Fun Day - With Margaret Hammond

Well anybody that didn't attend missed a really good days painting of Reuben Chezza Bear designed by Cheryl Bradshaw but demonstrated by Margaret Hammond. Her preparation & enthusiasm for the project put most of the tutors we've had to visit to shame. She had painted each stage of the project on a huge clip board so everybody could see which stage we were at, her instructions were clear and precise which meant we weren't jumping up and down continually to watch her demonstrate. She came round and made sure that we all knew what we were doing, stopping to give advice and encouragement all the way round the room, she even gave us each a lovely little gift box with mini Easter eggs inside. This really was the icing on the cake so to speak as we were all uplifted by the occasion and appreciation of Margaret's efforts on our behalf. There were 10 of us taking part, all of varying competencies but all having a great deal of fun.... Even the jokes were of a good calibre.

Fantastic day had by all, many many thanks Margaret do it again soon.

Written by: Ann Robinson